Macross Frontier – 07: Who’s Got the BIGGEST Gun?


Holy C**P! That was nearly a non-stop episode. Usually, I take screenshots as I watch along, but the actions did not yield much moment of pause and I was just constantly mesmerized by all those relentless CG. Who would’ve think that Sheryl’s little striptease concert performance would be the “low” point of the episode. And that was how awesome Macross Frontier 7 was.

My Gun Is Bigger Than Your Gun.

Watching this episode was like watching little kids, each showing the next, how much bigger their toy gun is.

“You like my gun?”

“I prefer to leak my shots.”

Don’t mess with this lady. She’s got more guns than men got balls.

Gar gar gar GAR!


“I may be burgundy, but I don’t need a BFG to prove my manhood.”

As for the plot, err… what plot? Ranka continued her doting on Sheryl; Sheryl continued her I-am-Sheryl routine; and Alto continued his recklessness throughout the battle. Only in fiction where a soldier can break rank, go emo, and risk his entire teammates’ lives, but yet not only received no chastisement but instead showered with praises from his captain afterward. Oh wait, this is anime.

On another note, Sheryl’s voice seemed to be becoming as much of a plot-driver as Ranka’s too. Some dude in a burgundy mecha showed up on the battle scene with no interest to help either sides but interestingly responded to Sheryl’s singing, which somehow through her pair of earings got quantum-entangled across space that otherwise would’ve required space-fold jump to reach. Also, since the Vajra had attacked both Galaxy—the hometown of Sheryl—and Frontier—the hometown of Ranka—the show is starting to insinuate that they were here for both Sheryl as well as Ranka. So, why do monsters always go after girls? Oh yea, this is anime.

One last interesting development is that the Vajra mothership was equipped with a Fold reactor—a highly advanced technology that a species with a pea-size brain should not have possessed. So, some unknown villain with access to advanced technologies is still waiting for their grand entrance. Maybe a viewer of the past Macross Series can throw us a bone or two.


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2 Responses to Macross Frontier – 07: Who’s Got the BIGGEST Gun?

  1. Square says:

    Well the Vajra have the same spiral symbols found on the birdman from Macross Zero. The spiral was the symbol of the protoculture.

  2. bakaneko says:

    Protoculture? From what I can gather from Wikipedia, they are the original race that started both Zentradi and human.

    And if they are the ones who created these Vajra too, then wouldn’t they be like the Xel’Naga in the StarCraft universe who created the Zerg, Protoss and human?

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