Macross Frontier – 06: Ranka Who?

Galactic Song Goddess

I cannot recall when, since over two anime seasons ago, I replayed an episode over and over again, but Sheryl Nome’s concert scene was that good. In fact, after the nth times, I even rewound it so far back to when Ranka was running toward the concert with the ticket in her hand—so as to pretend I myself was holding my ticket running toward the concert to catch the Galactic Song Goddess Sheryl Nome sing. I kept doing that until it dawned on me that someone must’ve already uploaded that clip on youtube. And so, I present to you—Sheryl!

Sheryl Nome—Diamond Crevasse

With this song, the Macross Frontier’s SMS team heads toward Macross Galactic—home of Sheryl—for a rescue operation. Off to the mission is of course Ranka’s brother whose name I can’t recall, but that doesn’t matter anyway because he’s not coming back—especially after giving this line:

“And after this, I’m going back to my hometown to get married.”

A long long goodbye, bro.

Now, my Japanese is still pretty much nonfunctional, but listening to this scene describing the Macross Galaxy being attacked by many “Vajra”—a word which they pronounced VA-JA-RA (think which english word it sounds like)—cracked me up into gut-hurtful laughters. 😉

They got attacked by what?


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3 Responses to Macross Frontier – 06: Ranka Who?

  1. blissmo says:

    LOL! I didn’t really like Sheryl’s song that much, but it was good.

  2. bakaneko says:

    You didn’t like Sheryl’s song??? What are you smoking on, dude?

    Don’t tell me you thought Ranka’s from last episode was better. That was like pshhh-athetic. :p

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