Last Friends – 04: Round One Goes to Sousuke

Don’t you know you’re still wearing the scar he gave you?

I’m beginning to understand Hinano’s frustration that led her to not want to watch this show. Ruka and everyone in Share House tried so hard to pull Michiru out of the hell that is Sousuke, but she ended up steering herself right back into the devil’s clutch. Like in the case of an alcoholic, unless you utterly severe ties with anything alcoholic whatsoever, you are bound to cave in! They kept her physically out, but emotionally she stayed in. What else can be expected other than a relapse? Not only did Ruka feel all her hard work got tossed out the window, but I myself also felt frustrated watching Michiru being stubbornly counterproductive. What will it take for her to wake up?

Hide & Seek

Sometimes, her goody-two-shoes nature is beyond irritating.

Picking up from last episode, Ruka convinced Michiru that she must stay away from Sousuke. Everyone was supportive of her. Their plan was simple: keep her inside Share House and away from anywhere where he could try to find her—including her home and her workplace. If he can’t find her, he can’t hurt her. Sounds like a good plan. Unfortunately, he didn’t really need to go find her—her own heart would lead her to go find him.

Even though Sousuke did try to look for Michiru, it must be noted that Michiru was never aware of it. Ruka and her friends did a good job keeping him away from her—even after he found the Share House. Instead, it was Michiru’s own heart that betrayed her. She was still thinking of him in secret and defending him in public: Both Ruka and Takeru must’ve felt disgusted why while her friends were trying to protect her from the monster, she would still chastise them for speaking ill of him. By the end of the episode, it was her choice to step outside of the house hoping to give him the chance to find her.

Ruka’s Weakness

The softer side of Ruka

Ruka’s character took a major development in this episode. After she was attacked by her coach, she realized that it was her own weakness that had allowed his past advances to go unchecked for so long which consequently led to the attack. As much as she wanted to be strong as a man, she couldn’t help but cried as a woman. However, perhaps it was through this new understanding that, when she saw Michiru hugging Sousuke again, she just could not blame Michiru for getting herself into the fire-pan once again.

Forgiveness—a top virtue of a woman. But don’t tell Ruka that.

However, unlike Michiru, Ruka took the right step in rectifying the situation. Instead of raising hell or ruining everyone’s career, she took the initiative to walk up to her attacker and offered reaffirmation of friendships and respect. True forgiveness does not just involve forfeiting retribution but also restoring trust. And she did just that. Wow. She certainly has gained my respect.

Takeru the Sacrificial Lamb

Picture Perfect

If Sousuke is the big bad wolf, then surely Takeru is the sacrificial lamb. No, not because Sousuke is switching interest, but because two characters are still oblivious as to how far their secret admirers would go for them: Michiru thinking she is only risking her own life for Sousuke, not knowing that Ruka will risk her own life for her; and Ruka thinking she is only risking hers, not knowing that Takeru will also give his for her. So, when the big bad wolf starts to bite, the teeth marks will fall unexpectedly—for the cast—on Takeru. But because us the viewers are seeing this coming from a mile away, it will be slow and agonizing to watch.

One of these cups is going to break.


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2 Responses to Last Friends – 04: Round One Goes to Sousuke

  1. Hinano says:

    JP said he read in another post that Ruka gets a sex change I mean really…wtf. Did they just try to take every possible fucked up thing they can and stuff it in this drama? I know dramas are supposed to be dramatic but I think this one just goes over the “line” of “dramatic enjoyment” and into “blah get it away” territory XD

  2. bakaneko says:

    The show does throw lots of WTF moments at the viewers, but I think it is needed for the show to ask an important question: how far will a person endure for the person they love?

    So, just when you think you can suffer this much already, then how about *that* much more? The bad will get worse, and worse will get more worse.

    But hopefully the writers will do a good job of letting the underlying message of love and friendship shine through but in a realistic and non-cheesy manner.

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