Allison and Lillia – 05: New Adventure

New Adventure of Allison and Lillia Will. Show me Lillia already, damn it!

The last arc still left me with a bland taste in the mouth. Episode one started with a promising premise, but the story deflated faster than Allison’s confessions. Well, at least the story keeps trying just like Allison too.

Our heros are now really heros. They are recognized everywhere—everywhere except for this remote little village whose every villagers seem to live a second life in secret, surrounding the royal family of Ikstova—a nation whose annexation to Sou Beil is becoming as fragile as the circumstances amidst the fire that killed the royal family ten years ago.

What a peaceful village

The writers, like in the last arc, once again throw another analogy to lead us to where they will explore in this arc. The world is at peace now. The soldiers find themselves uncertain to what they will do without having to fight anymore. But as Allison has remarked, even a dog needs to continually perform to show their master their usefulness. Ace Pilot Second Lieutenant Ker Benedict does so with his aerobatic tricks and by showing how planes can be as good a rescue tool as a killing machine. Allison does hers by flying her plane for her new smuggling business. Even lakes when frozen can become a new road for traveling. But what if some people don’t know how to bend their swords into plows? This is the premise set forth in this arc.

This reminds me of the Civil War and slavery. One of the biggest debate was if the war were really fought in the interests of the slaves or not. Many historians considered that 1) the slaves did not want their freedom, 2) the slaves did not want to fight for their freedom, and 3) the slaves would not know what to do with their freedom. They backed up their third point by citing that even after the war many slaves remained to work in their Master’s fields because that was simply their only way of getting a meal and shelter. They just didn’t know how else to survive.

Find the difference in the pictures

The villagers in the show find themselves in such inability to change. Everyone is on edge—if not paranoid. Ten years ago they fought to protect the the royal family from assassins who burned down the royal palace, but ten peaceful years after they still consider every outsider a potential intruder who would harm the last of the royal family the princess Fi. To make matter worse, they seem oblivious to any current events beyond their backyards. Ignorance and confusion can be a deadly mix.

So once again I applaud the writers for setting up another interesting premise. I did get my excitement up after seeing this episode. I just hope this time the writers have some further depth than what they showed last time.


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