Macross Frontier – 05: Alto’s Guide to How to Score on a Date

Macross gone porn

Disclaimer: For Alto-kun in the Macross Frontier’s universe, it works wonders. For anyone else, your mileage may vary.

Start Early

Why wait when you can do it from the start? Especially when you have the Mega-Vibrating Cellphone 2000 that can rock through your pant. Put it in your pants pocket, shove her into a tight locker, and gently nudge your knee upward. Wait for the hot breath to caress on your neck and reciprocate… Oh wait, this is not my porn blog. 🙂

Give Her Some Rope

No, not that rope! But something to entice her to tease you with. Like a pendant or something. Make sure she notices it when you are giving her the knee of ecstasy. Later when you show it to her again, she will recall the excitement and return the initiative. Just don’t be a douche bag and not respond to her tease. Remember, if the girl wants to play treasure hunt with any of your possession, then it’s the man’s duty to go after said treasure … and more.

Admit Nothing

One of the biggest mistake is getting caught receiving another girl’s call. But sometimes it is unavoidable. In such times, apply the golden rule of cheating: Admit nothing. There is no other girl calling. Tell her your phone is for her crouch only. Just remember to clean it before you go home.

Show Her Who’s the Man

Sun Tzu in The Art of War said a battle is won before going into the battlefield—it is all the preparation that was done beforehand that determines the outcome. Similarly, for some girl, if you consistently take her down from her pedestal since the moment you met her, eventually the masochistic side of her will submit to you like a sheep and ask you out.

Show Her Something BIG

Almost but not quite that yet. Bring her to some place different. Get the playful side of her to come out. Once she is sufficiently flushed, send her to some Lingerie Shop and just watch her go crazy. You won’t regret it—I didn’t. Gawd, how many times did I rewind that scene?!


Well ok, so sometimes you have to settle for a just a kiss, but hell, that date was quite a blast to watch. Sheryl was both submissive and initiative. Full of tease and cheerfulness, it’s hard to beat finding a better date than her. Quite the opposite of the bitch she was before.

On the other hand, Ranka was showing the bitchy side of her. Partly upset at her brother’s objection to her singing and partly frustrated at Alto’s no-callback, she exploded it out on poor Mikhail. Quite a departure from her usual save me and protect me from big evil monster. Speaking of which, the Vajra are probably not so much here to hurt Ranka as they are here to protect her. They seem to be instinctively drawn to her voice like worker bees to the rustling of their queen. Wouldn’t it be awesome if she turns out to be their queen—like Kerrigan in StarCraft?


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  1. sillypanda says:

    tomorrow I will start watching this anime. ahhahahaa 🙂

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