Allison and Lillia – 04: Featuring Planes that Fly Backward

The propeller is on top, but which direction do you think it is going?

And that’s about as much content as there is since the first episode of Allison and Lillia.

I can’t believe the fourth episode is the end of this arc of the story. It started strong in the first episode, prompting interesting—even though preachy at times—questions about the authenticity of history books. Second episode wasn’t terrible too: enemies living in the same house realizing that the other side was not as evil as portrayed by their own country. Seen it plenty of times in Gundams already, but at least the story development was consistent.

But then came the awful third episode filled with the oldest cliches: old crush running into each other at the key moments, guards too stupid to not lead the heros around in a top military base, prisoner escaping in broad daylight in front of the guards. The whole escape was just absurd! The fourth episode was even worse. Here, we are asked to believe that a silly picture can stop a century of war.

“Kira Yamato, ikimasu!”

This plane has been sleeping around for too long.

While the first bullet is shot because of some original cause, the second bullet is usually shot more because of the first bullet rather than because of the original cause. You shoot me for a reason, but I shoot you back because you shot at me. Vengeance and hatred has a way of feeding off each others to the point where wars are fought without remembering its original cause anymore. Go ask historians what is the original cause of the Middle-East conflict, and they’ll tell you it does not matter anymore: The conflict itself has taken a life of its own.

I’m disappointed that the writers did not explore this mutation of truth. The first episode already stated that history is written to make convenient for those who write it. So, the century old war should be feeding off a different reason than the original of man. Explore that scenario, damn it! Sigh…

Allison and Lillia is slated for 26 episodes. At about four episodes per arc, there should be six arcs: three for Allison and co. and three for Lillia and hers. Arc I turns out to be disappointing. If Arc II does not improve, I want my money back! Grrr!

My rod is hotter than your rod.


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One Response to Allison and Lillia – 04: Featuring Planes that Fly Backward

  1. sillypanda says:

    Yeah I never thought the “treasure” would just be a crappy picture. But hey give the writers a break, lol, seriously, it’s very difficult to end a war with a single thing! haha. Between our war, all we need is a comp and a gun. a screen with ayumi to distract you and you could figure out the rest. :PPP

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