Macross Frontier – 04: Love Is In The Air

… or in space

Ranka and Altoh take the first step to falling in love. They both deny it but it’s obvious in how concern they are in each other’s affair.

Miss Macross Contest

“Altoh-kun, how do you like my loli bod?”

Notice how Ranka isn’t so bothered by not winning at all. Her most rewarding aspect of the experience is seeing Altoh in the audience; anything else would be just bonus. That her face lights up at the sight of him is very telling how important he has become to her.

Final Entrance Test

“I’m emo for Zentran loli!”

Usually, guys don’t get this emo. I suppose drama boy just couldn’t lose his root. Even his subconsciousness prompts him to pose for a screenshot right after a kill. In any case, having him toss his own life at the baddest thing in space with nothing but paint pellets over some girl is just a bit too cliche and cheesy. But oh well, so we get the memo now that he will protect her at all cost.

New Tease

Oh yea. Definitely Sheryl > Ranka.

Next episode we’ll see the other leg of the love triangle. Sheryl is nearly the total opposite of Ranka. Instead of a clumsy, sad girl in space needing rescuing, she is a gracious, headstrong woman whose mantra “I am Sheryl” seems capable of parting the Red Sea. Now let’s see if her upcoming intrusion can indeed part Ranka and Altoh.


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