Allison and Lillia – 03: Can This Show Be Anymore Predictable?

“Sorry old man, but this episode is all about me.”

Allison and Lillia Will finds the old man. However, on their breakout the old man sacrifices his life so that they can escape — but not so before he tells them the location of the treasure. On a stolen plane they fly in search of it, but on hot pursuit is Allison’s old flirt who is given the order to kill or be killed.

The sky is never sunny on Sou Beil.

Isn’t the point of an adventure story is to take us to unique and interesting situations that we don’t usually get to experience in our daily lives?

Shouldn’t they keep us in anticipation of what is around the next corner and open our eyes wide with surprises?

Well, not in episode three.

You would think that after the parody that is episode one of Tower of Druaga, the writers of this show would yank any plot line that has been rehashed to death. Not so. Allison and Will walk up to a bunch of brain dead soldiers who conveniently lead them straight to the old man without any military protocol what-so-ever. And then, the anime god of Fate has to step in and bring in that same guy whose advances got shot down by Allison six months ago, to visit that same base on that same day! It gets better.

The story goes absurd. Why would the old man choose to escape at the moment when two guards are right in front of him? Wouldn’t it just be easier to try at night instead?

Now comes one of the biggest cliche: Once the old man starts to spill the secret location of the treasure, you know he just signed his own anime certificate of death. Come on, at least give us some drama: Let the old man get on the plane somehow, have him then divulge the location before he reveals the fatal wound he has sustained during the escape. Let him then die peacefully on the plane and perhaps even give him an aerial burial — surprise us with whatever that means!

Instead of drama, the show gives us confusion. If you don’t trust a soldier to do his job, why would you send him at all? Why not just send someone else who you know would do the job right? But no, they had to send Ker, and then send another bunch of soldiers behind them to take them out if he doesn’t. Does this make any sense?

So far, the planes are nothing special, the story is predictable, and the characters are too typical. The only mystery left is what the treasure is, which I hope won’t end up being some stupid fortune cookie saying some bullshit like world peace is in your hearts.

Wow, that’s some strength to be able to knock two 180+ lb. men out cold with one swing.


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