Macross Frontier – 03: Altoh Takes the Red Pill

I have a sudden craving for tuna buns.

Altoh takes a step of no return into the SMS team. Ranka decides to bare her flesh in the Miss Macross Contest. And Sheryl gives her a lesson how to do it properly, with Altoh as the audience.

After two action packed episodes, the story slows down to give us reasons why our hero and heroine will do what they will do: Altoh will pilot the VF-25 and Ranka will sing in the Miss Macross Contest.

And I’ll give you … err … 48 hours too!

Watching Ozma warning Altoh about the Vajra is like watching Morpheus warning Neo about the Red Pill.


What are the Vajra?


There is no going back if you find out.

Yes, Altoh. We know you’ll take the Red Pill.

“Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”

As for Ranka’s reason for competing in the Miss Macross Contest, it goes something like this:

(Speaking in her own little world that only she can understand)

Well, when I was trapped in that canister, no one could hear my voice. And now that I’m out, I want everyone to hear my voice. ~Nyan Nyan~

Um… ok. I’ll pretend I understood that just like Altoh.

“I am gundam” is better.

But the best of logic goes to Sheryl!

(Speaking like a fire-n-brimstone preacher)

Everyone says I’m blessed with good luck. They discredit the hard work I put in. But this is why I’m Sheryl Nome: Fate is something you take a hold of!

Then she goes off to open the hatch exposing her and everyone else to the vacuum outside.


“What I lack in intelligence, I gain in charm.”


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3 Responses to Macross Frontier – 03: Altoh Takes the Red Pill

  1. blissmo says:

    Haha, Altoh is really lucky to be with Sheryl (hot) and Ranka (cute).

  2. bakaneko says:

    Are you trying to discredit Altoh’s own charm now? He is Altoh. Watch him bare his top on you.

  3. sillypanda says:

    nice buns. 🙂 maybe i should start watching. haha

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