Bleach (manga) -105: The Young Rising

Before …

Kisuke continues to rake up cool points; young Byakuya shows a rare hot-tempered moment; and kiddo Gin is as spooky as he always has been.

… After

A chapter in three parts. The first part continues the conversation between Kisuke and Mayuri from last chapter. Not much of a surprise here, Kisuke offers Mayuri to be his second-in-command in a new subdivision — the Research and Development Institute. However, what is surprising — and very cool — is the way Kisuke seduces him to join:

Damn! That’s cool.

Then the chapter goes into a WTF scene: A young, fappable flappable Byakuya in a tantrum! God! Why are they destroying his image?! Cat demon Yoruichi comes to visit his grandfather — the current Sixth Division Captain — and him, and she starts to push all his buttons, which triggers him to go off at all directions on how too important his time is to be wasted on the likes of her. Hmm… A prepubescent pretty boy and an older feisty sexpot. I like where this is going. 🙂

A Tsundere Byakuya?

Then the chapter cuts to the third part — yet another conversation but this time between the Thirteenth Division Captain Ukitake and Kaien, whom Ukitake is trying to convince to become his lieutenant. Of course that is just a plot device the writers used to present the actual focus: a little-known, young Shinigami who needed only one year to graduate and immediately got seated in the Fifth Division where Aizen is the lieutenant.

The scene cuts abruptly to Aizen who is observing a Shinigami in the act of taking a fellow Shinigami’s life. Aizen seems impressed and asks for his name:

“My name is also Creepy.”

Remember from last chapter that the secret operation of the Second Division locks away any member of the Gotei 13 who is deemed disruptive or noncompliant? Well, certainly the Gotei 13 must have a different definition of those two words, because according to my definitions they already have a bunch of such members:

  • Aizen: Ok, he hides it well — I’ll give you that. So I suppose it’s if you can’t get caught, then you ain’t quilty.
  • Hiyori: In a society where subordinates need to address their superiors with sama, her lieutenant foot on a captain’s face should certainly be flagged as being insubordinate and noncompliant.
  • Zaraski: Even though he hasn’t make an appearance yet, it’s implied that he just killed the previous Kenpachi Captain. Of course, this is one of the sanctioned routes to becoming a Captain, but that just begs the question how Zaraski is considered non-disruptive and compliant. Remember, the secret operation operates on a quilty-until-proven-innocent principle.
  • Gin: Just look at the pic. above, need I say more?

Yoruichi-sama must’ve been too busy with someone something else.



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