Allison and Lillia – 02: Truth Must Be Seen, Not Heard

Simon says, …

Allison and Lillia continues to feel preachy. Last week’s message says history is written not so much to preserve the truth as to make convenient for those who wrote it. Building on that, this week’s message says, in the words of Mrs. Woot,

Whoever said it [the message] is not important. It is what was said and believing it that is important. Children, you will be told many things by many people. But think for yourself and make your own choices. Acting upon what you believe in is a wonderful thing. And just because someone else’s choice is different from yours doesn’t mean that you should think theirs is wrong.

Hmm… I wonder how this message applies to itself. 😯 Self-referential warning! Head explodes.

However, the show did play out some nice analogies to illustrate the point.

The first analogy was the encounter with the deers. Allison could’ve fired the gun. She was justified to do so. The beast had just harmed her comrade who lied unconscious. Of course, had she fired that would’ve been an arm for a tooth — the mother deer was just protecting her fawn too. That, however, was perhaps how the two nations had been at war with each other. Sad.

Bike crash couldn’t kill them, plane crash couldn’t kill them. They are the true Iron Man and Woman.

Another analogy was Mrs. Woot. Anyone who had only heard about her through Sou Beil’s media who hated her for building an orphanage for the enemy, would knew her as an evil person. However, anyone who had personally seen her, would knew her otherwise. The difference is heard vs. seen.

This very same analogy is reflected on the initial attitude of the housekeeper Travas Radia, who suffered the lost of both her children in the war with Roxche. Not until she had spent a night with Allison and Will, did she get a first-hand understanding that they all had suffered through the same pain.

Anyway, the story continues with Will’s conviction that the old man’s tale of a treasure that would end the war is true. Both Allison and Will are refreshed and newly equipped with high-ranking military uniforms. Next episode, infiltration at the Sou Beil’s military facility.

The adventure continues…


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