Macross Frontier – 02: Everybody Wants an Altoh

Must have missed the memo that the iron claw is the next anime tentacle.

This episode picks up immediately from last episode. Altoh keeps shooting at the alien, but it really just annoys it more than hurts it since bullets don’t seem to make a dent on this thing. The rest is nothing groundbreaking: Monster attacks girl, girl screams her lungs out (almost literally), guy miraculously knows how to pilot a state-of-the-art prototype, top-secret machine and saves girl. Hmm… I’ve logged many hours in Microsoft Flight Simulator; so I wonder if I’m ready to pilot a F-22 Raptor.

I have a joke on that line, but I’ll leave it to your imagination instead.

He sure bares his top a lot.

After Ranka’s rescue, everybody wants Altoh:

  • Ozma, Ranka’s bro., wants Altoh to tell the rest of his squadron the SMS Skull Squadron how that other pilot got turned into tomato juice.
  • Glass, a lieutenant of the military, wants Altoh to join the military‘s kabuki play.
  • Sheryl wants Altoh for some gender-switched S&M. I can hope, no?
  • Ranka wants Altoh to thank him with her cherry but later decides to give it to Sheryl instead.
  • The alien robot wants …

Hmm… That’s an interesting question. Who does the alien wants? Let me think hard on this one. Could it be Ranka? Must be her quarter Zentradi heredity, rah? Gee… The writers have to make it so obvious that she has to mention it right after her rescue.

Anyway, the monster comes back for a second raid. The Skull Squadron scrambles to intercept it. In the meanwhile, the anime love goddess decides to guide the footsteps of the three main characters so that they meet up near enough to the dome’s ceiling where the monster has a clear view of its prey.

Next episode, who does Altoh wants?


Not Cute.


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