Macross Frontier – 01: Loli or Vixen

Alto, who will you kiss?

That’s the million dollar question set forth in Macross Frontier. Yes, there’re spaceships, there’re mecha’s, there’re even Insecticons; but the main question that will drive the main plot is what the opening theme song starts with: kimi wa dare to kisu wo suru.

Or who will Alto kiss?

The secret of breast enlargement: zero gravity

Compared to last year’s broadcast version, this version emphasizes more on characters and less on actions. We learn a bit more about the show’s lead Alto and his friends, but the major revelation is on one of the two female leads Sheryl.

It’s the hair, dude.

Sheryl really thinks of herself as a god. Even though in public she smiles at the sights of her fans, in private she thinks of them as unworthy to be near her. In fact, she looks down on quite everyone — not even the fleet’s elite school’s students are good enough. Naturally, people who work for her think of her as a little demon instead.


Another aspect about Sheryl revealed is that she is quite quick on her feet and keeps her composure well even under unforeseen circumstances — a true mark of a big-time stage performer. Even though she got knocked off the stage by Alto’s missed maneuver, she quickly turned the mishap around into what ended up looking like an elaborated part of the concert.

Who wears the pants in this relationship?

Ranka — the other female lead — is, on the other hand, not as graceful as her to-be love rival Sheryl. Nothing is revealed in this broadcast version that was not revealed in last year’s. She is still a typical star-struck teenager who goes kireiiii on anything that pleases her eyes. Nothing really special about her yet, but give it a few more episodes…


Back to the original question of who will Alto kiss. So far, I don’t sense any inner inhibition in him. He is mostly someone who has already flown from the beginning — unlike some other character from some other show, but his problem is that he feels a glass ceiling above him — 2,000 meters above to be exact. He wants to fly into space like a man. However, he is being confined under the dome’s ceiling and being taunted at for looking like a girl. Dude, it’s the hair. Just cut it, ok?

George Lucas will sue!

From the beginning Alto shows no interest in Sheryl. In fact, he thinks of her as full of indifference. On the other hand, he has a strip dance a nice walk and conversation with Ranka in the park. There is also that zoom-in he made on her during the concert. So, while I won’t say he has a crush on her yet, I would certainly say that in his heart the equation goes

Ranka > Sheryl = garbage.

So, who would you choose?

For me, it’s definitely the vixen. Have you seen what she’s packed with?

or the F18 Hornet


True Tears photobook again?

The ED theme in this version is much better than the one in last year’s version.


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