Chi’s Sweet Home – 2: Chi is Picked Up.

Chi on LSD

A few logistic about the show. It is aired five times a week — Monday thru Friday. However, only on Monday thru Thursday are episodes of the actual story aired. The Friday’s show features video clips of viewers’ cats instead. Don’t ask me where you can submit yours.

One thing i find amazing about this show is that I can actually understand about 90% of the Japanese without the subtitle. Chi’s sentences are short and spoken slowly, while the parent’s sentences are just slightly more sophisticated. A good show to practice listening skill. This has certainly perked up my interest in continuing to pick up more Japanese.

Another thing about this show is that the writers have so far been very accurate in portraying what a cat would do in various situations, such as Chi first reaction meeting mom and dad, her first bath, and her attempt to jump onto the sink, and her wanting to leave the apartment. Nothing that I haven’t seen myself from my cats before, but now this show tells me what they might have been thinking also.


Chi woke up to Youhei, the boy who picked her up from last episode. She recognized him immediately but was scared to hell by his parents. She tried to run away but only to end up at the corner of the apartment. Then she started fluttering and becoming defensive. So, cute…

Mom and dad tried to appease her with milk, and it worked. Youhei wanted to keep her, but mom and dad said their landlord may not allowed it. They talked of finding someone else who could take her in.

At that moment, she remembered her mom and wanted to go home. Scratching at the door, she was let out by Youhei. But no sooner than arriving at the front gate, was she reminded of the harsh outside world by the sights of the rain, the truck and the dog. Running back into the apartment and into his box, he looked to shelter another day.

I can’t read the last kanji on the milk carton, but I think it reads, “For kitten’s use, Milk.” Wow, Japan has milk specifically for kitten!


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2 Responses to Chi’s Sweet Home – 2: Chi is Picked Up.

  1. Stephen says:

    My daughter and I love Chi! I’ve been watching it without subtitles and have been surprised that I can actually understand what’s going on. Simple, well-spoken Japanese is nice. I hope I can find more kids’ series like this.

  2. bakaneko says:

    Yea, I was very surprise that I was understanding every single word! I like to think my japanese is improving, but I think the show is just being like a funny mirror—it makes anyone look good. 🙂

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