Bleach (manga) – 317: Kisuke Urahara Takes Center Stage

“Old dude, are you done with the bathroom yet? There’s a long line out here.”

First a few bookkeeping. Yoruichi Shihouin was indeed the 2nd Division Captain. Also, by the standing order, the Vizard Kensei was the 9th Division Captain. This makes four Vizards that used to be Shinigami Captains! This also means four Vizards capable of Bankai in Hollow mode! For whatever the reason, I used to think that the Vizards are weak. Boy, was I wrong. Two more Captains remain in mystery: the 6th Division Captain, who was some old dude whose name has not yet been revealed, and the 10th who met a recent demise. Could Isshin Kurosaki be the replacement?

The chapter is on the rest of the day of Kisuke Urahara’s inauguration as the 12th Division Captain. As much of the focus is on him, he is being setup as the main character of this flashback arc. A few more things we learned about him: His relationship with Yoruichi was rooted way back from their former Captain-Lieutenant relationship in which she had nurtured him and eventually recommended him for the Captain position. However, his cavalier attitude did not help him to gain much respect as a Captain from his division or from his Lieutenant Hiyori. Well, actually she had no respect for anyone. Hirako, on the other hand, seemed to play big brother and offered good suggestions for dealing with Hiyori.

One other highlight in this chapter is how awesome Hirako is being revealed. That was some pwnage he pulled on Aizen — not just for uncloaking him but also for his dialog with Aizen:

Aizen: When did you realize?

Hirako: When you were still in your mama’s womb.

Damn. I need to remember that line.



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