True Tears – 13 End: A Waiting Hiromi

A waiting Hiromi

Well, not to my surprise, Hiromi won. Some of you may say, “but everybody won.” Come on, Noe had lost her love. When I lost my girlfriend, no amount of telling myself how much I’d grown from the relationship made it felt any less painful. It just hurt.

And don’t tell me that Noe didn’t love Shin. She did. But anyway, I’m not here to talk about Noe this time. What caught my attention in this episode was how much Hiromi had matured.

It’s because I have always loved you. Because I don’t want to give up. But at the same time, I didn’t want to stand in your way. So I want you to face up to and settle everything. With me. And also with Isurugi-san. Face up to it, and then give your answer. I’ll accept it.

Ah. What beautiful words any girl can say to a man! Her words remind me of the bird-in-cage parable: If a bird truly belongs to you, then even if you set it free, it will fly back to you. That is exactly what Hiromi did. She said everything needed to set Shin free so that he could truly take flight this time. It wasn’t that she was no longer afraid of being abandoned, but it’s just that she would endure the fear and wait patiently for Shin’s return. Of all virtues desirable in a woman, only the virtue of forgiveness surpasses that of long-suffering waiting behind her man.

Yup. Hiromi has become wife material. Congratulation, Shin.

Can you see the snow finally melting?


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3 Responses to True Tears – 13 End: A Waiting Hiromi

  1. tema1412 says:

    what an ep. !!
    I really liked this anime I can’t believe it’s just over T-T
    Now I’m thinking about reading The novel if I found a subbed copy >.>

  2. Shin says:

    I’ve raged enough in my own post, so I’m not going to carry on being the sore Noefag here. GG Hiromi.

  3. bakaneko says:

    Shin, but you’re the one who passed on Noe and chose Hiromi! Oh wait, wrong Shin. 🙂

    tema1412, there’s a manga for True Tears?

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