True Tears: An OVA with A Noe Ending!

Finally, Noe wins!

NEWS FLASH. I’m very excited! Soon after the release of the disappointing final episode of True Tears, P.A. Works Corporation — the studio who produced the show — announced that there will be an OVA which will offer an alternative ending to the main series.

This means a Noe ending for all you Noe fans out there!! 😯

The anticipated release date is on June 9, 20008.


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12 Responses to True Tears: An OVA with A Noe Ending!

  1. StrawB3rryz says:

    I really rather there not to be an alternative ending. I like the ending as it is. Of course, it is sad for Noe (I almost cried during the scene with her and Shin when he confessed that he loved Hiromi. But his heart wavered whenever he said Noe). The ending they have now is very touching and memorable. If things had worked out for Noe- I doubt it would be as beautiful.

    And I felt that it was tied up excellently. The ending was truly beautiful, with Noe staring at the rocks that once formed Shin’s confession to her.

  2. bakaneko says:

    I like the ending too — even though it’s not the one that I want — but I’m not so sure that a Noe ending would be less touching than a Hiromi ending.

    In fact, a Hiromi ending feels less “real” in the sense that most of us do not know what we really want until we are much older. Hiromi represents that childhood crush that often does not represent what we really want. Being with your childhood crush is often a fantasy that we outgrow when we learn more of ourselves.

    In True Tears, it is no argument which of the two girls was the key stimulus for Shin’s growth. To realize what is real verse what is a fantasy, is to me more touching and memorable than sinking deeper into childish fantasy.

    Yes, you can tell I hate Hiromi. :p

  3. Rokku says:

    20008, won`t wait that long?!

    Anyway, is good to see noe win, But the original ending is better.

  4. lichen says:

    Is this really coming someday? Now it is August, and I never heard it existed before reading your blog…

  5. bakaneko says:

    It is now August, but it is not 20008 yet.

    BTW, read the date this post was written on. 🙂

  6. Shin says:


  7. lichen says:

    Oh, yeah, lol… I guess the fact that clannad just had an alternate ending released, and the distance made me forget about april fools day.

  8. Neppi says:

    It’s a pity that this is a april fool.
    I still hate Hiromi 😛
    perhaps we will see a alternative end soon^^
    Remembered, KgNe has get another end too.

  9. OMG noo! It was a JOKE?!?! T_T soo mean….

  10. bakaneko says:

    @Neppi, how could you hate any girl who can do a split like that??

    @MechaMarshmellow, hehe. Don’t worry, just use your own imagination of true heart to continue whatever you fancy.

  11. Neppi says:

    I hate Hiromi cause she is selfish.
    And i think for Noe its a too bad ending.

    I would like to see an other ending. But you are right we have our fancy 🙂

  12. Tak says:

    …Cruel Joke.. QQ

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