Chi’s Sweet Home – 01: MEOOOOOOOOOOW

That was exactly how I reacted when I first heard about this new show.

Damn, a show about cats! It’s as if the writers know I started this blog, and want to help me out.

The first episode of Chi’s Sweet Home runs under three minutes. That’s less than most podcasts out there. Very digestible size. I can watch an entire episode on my ipod during the morning ride. Let’s see how well I will keep my composure in a crowded train. ^_^

The story began with a kitten led astray from her (or his?) mom when she got distracted by a bird. Away from her mom, she got almost eaten by a dog and then almost ran over by a truck. Taihen desu yo! The poor kitten continued to wander into a park where she found herself tired and hungry. Fallen on the ground in despair, she was found by a boy, who I suspect will bring her home and eventually give her the name Chi.

That was it! Short and sweeeeet to the core.

Cats really don’t lie on their stomach like that.


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