True Tears: Predictions with The Imagination of True Heart


The imagination of true heart is about setting forth a premise before a cast of fictional characters and then allowing them, through their individual personalities, to dictate the course of the story. No Cinderella ending nor Deus ex machina. It is about the discovery of some hidden truth inside our heart.

It is truth from fiction.

With it, Shin concluded that in The Tale of Raigomaru and Jibeta, Jibeta would die if he took flight. It is not the ending he wished for, but it is a truthful ending.

So, now let’s try to use our own imagination of true heart to predict the ending for True Tears ourselves.

It is hard to see how Noe can sustain a fall from such height. If a certain winged girl could not — not even in a magical show — then it doesn’t make sense that Noe should in a show that calls itself True Tears. So, I concede that there will not be a Noe x Shin ending — a conclusion that saddens me greatly.

But Shin will have his last chance to send to her all his feelings he discovered in his true heart. With that, Noe will finally regain her tears. Then before she passes on, she will bless him and Hiromi. He will finally accept Hiromi properly as his girlfriend. This will be in parallel with the final ending of the storybook where after Jibetta died Raigomaru finally took flight toward the sky.

As for Jun, he is going to blame himself for Noe’s demise. He has said he would protect her, but now he has become the final blow that destroyed her. He will think to himself, “I set Noe up with Shin; I did not keep Hiromi out of Noe’s way; I scared Noe away and pushed her to her …” With no one else in this story to support him, I fear for his ending.



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