True Tears – 12: The Noe + Hiromi Reversal

A Tale of Two Girls

From the start of the series, Noe had everything. She had a family and a loving brother; she was cheerful and outgoing; and as much as it sounded absurd, she had found her hope in a chicken that could bring back her tears. Even though misfortune befell upon Raigomaru, she quickly found a replacement in the form of Shin’ichiro, who as we know by now was more than just a replacement — he was her true love also. In short, Noe was living her life.

On the other hand, Hiromi started the series with nothing. She had lost her family. Her froster mom despised her. She mostly shut herself out from everyone. Her only hope of salvation was in a guy whom she was being misled into thinking that it would be forbidden to be with. To hide her pain, she faked a relationship with Jun whom she had no feeling for. In short, Hiromi was living a miserable life.

Then comes around this episode. These two girls have exchanged their places.

“Jibetta, will you abandon me too?”

Noe had lost everything. She lost her brother when he confessed his feelings to her. She began to question her own heart since she could not even detect the true feelings of her brother, Shin’ichiro, and Hiromi. One by one, people (or birds) whom she had placed hope on had left her: first Raigomaru, then Shin’ichiro, and lastly in this episode Jibetta when she realized that Jibetta had not so much been unable to fly as unwilling to fly. With that, all she had was her loneliness. Darkness and hopelessness became her only companions. In deed, it had been somewhat difficult to find screenshots of a smiling Noe in bright daylights.


On the other hand, Hiromi’s world had opened up. She reconciled with her foster mom, who reassured her that Shin’ichiro is not her silbing. With her hope restored, she more or less stole gained the love of Shin’ichiro from Noe. She became very positive in finding her own path in life and in confronting Jun about their fake relationship. She no longer hid herself from anyone. In this episode, she confessed her love for Shin’ichiro in front of Noe and everyone in broad daylight — something that is unheard of for a Japanese girl.

“I can bare my tears in public.”

There was one more thing that Noe had though — it was her imagination of true heart. With it, she concluded that if she did not want to fly, then she would never fly. Heartbreakingly, her imagination of true heart did not conclude as far as Shin’ichiro’s had — of what would the flight result in. But having no one else who would fly for her, she decided to fly for herself…


PS: The thug sound at the end reminds me brilliantly of this youtube clip.


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5 Responses to True Tears – 12: The Noe + Hiromi Reversal

  1. blissmo says:

    Noe will prevail! She’s too cute and that’s why Shinichirou will probably choose Hiromi in the end — because whenever he stands around her he is overpowered by her awesomeness!

  2. bakaneko says:

    No doubt Noe will prevail. But the question remains as to rather she will prevail as the living, the dead or the comatose. 😦

  3. StrawB3rryz says:

    I understand what you mean by Noe finding her true heart and how the person that occupied much of Shinichirou’s thoughts was Noe, herself. I don’t deny that the True Tears is stray towards that kind of ending. I guess you could argue that Noe does love Shin but at the same time, I can’t seem to be convinced that she is. But then again, everyone has their own opinion.

    I do not agree that Hiromi is any better off than Noe. You say that she has recieved the love from Shinichirou but did she truly? Because all this time, it has only been her that has offical stated that “I am Shinichirou’s girlfiend.” But he has never declared that statement so the idea that Hiromi has “gained” Shin’s love may only be one sided. And even if she does have Shin’s love, does she seem any happier than Noe? Hiromi knows that Shin is preoccupied with thoughts of Noe and she knows that she would soon lose hold of Shin to Noe. And how Hiromi had declared her love for Shin to Noe in public isn’t a sign of great happiness- it shows how desperate Hiromi has become to tell Noe to leave them alone. And it is clear that Hiromi knows her time with Shin will not last long. This also foreshadows that Shin might, in the end, leave Hiromi.

    ^^, I don’t mean to be offending, I just love to put up an arguement about my point.

  4. bakaneko says:

    I do agree with you that Shin has not properly announce his love for Hiromi. Even he himself has acknowledged in this episode that he had not yet properly handled anything at all, contrary to what he had promised to Hiromi at the end of episode 11.

    I also agree with you that Hiromi is starting to suffer what Noe has been suffering since a few episodes ago: She is losing Shin to Noe now as Noe had lost him to her previously. This is yet another reversal of fortunes between these two girls.

    If a finger of fault can be pointed, it would be to Shin. Had he been more decisive in choosing which girl and stayed his course, then neither girl needed to suffer. So, in the last episode, Shin must choose one girl for sure and “do it properly” this time by announcing her status as his girlfriend (unlike how he didn’t know how to address Noe as his girlfriend to Aiko before). Only then perhaps will at least one girl be saved. Otherwise, I fear an ending where both girls will be irreparably harmed.

  5. sillypanda says:

    All problems can be solve if they leave Shin, and become lesbos. hahahaha.

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