Shigofumi – 11: Fumika Reunion

“I miss me so much!”

This episode is mostly a setup episode for the final stretch of Shigofumi. As it turns out, Fumika’s gun is also Fumika’s Shigofumi. This explains why there is a stamp on the gun. However, it is pretty confusing to me as to who sent the gun as Shigofumi since I thought a Shigofumi is sent from a dead person. In any case, Fumika is to deliver it to the just-woken Fumi, and it comes with a PS: Shoot the mailman.

Fumi on Wii. Sweet.
svlcsnap-16408941.png svlcsnap-16408688.png
svlcsnap-16408990.png svlcsnap-16409138.png

Despite the efforts of everyone trying to keep the two Fumika’s apart, the Shigofumi was delivered. A shot was heard, but the act was not shown. Immediately afterward, Fumi switched to the personality of Mika and went on to implicate her father for his past abuse.

This switching of personality is in parallel to the flashback when young Mika came to the rescue of the young Fumi when they were hounded by a hound. So, it is almost certain that Mika had rejoined with Fumi. However, the question remains as to where Fumi’s personality lies now.

The last scene of the episode may provide a spooky answer.

Fumi in Otousan? Not sweet at all.


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