An Encounter with a Jehovah Witness


A couple of Jehovah Witness came knocking on my door just this evening. I knew it was them before they even knocked since I heard them talking to my neighbor right next door.

I hesitated for a moment thinking if I wanted to be bothered at all, but then a thought came to my mind.

I put iTunes on a Hamasaki Ayumi song, turned up the volume, and answered the door. A young girl, very well mannered, greeted me with a smile and started to introduce me to some track she was showing me. Then I interrupted her and said,

“sumimasen, wakarimasen.”

At that point, I was giggling inside. I had for a long time wanted to try my half-baked Japanese, but I always felt too embarrassed to do so when I go to Japanese places. But at that moment it was different: she wouldn’t know what I was saying anyway.

Then to my surprise, she made a little chuckle and replied back to me in Japanese!


“Gomen nasai,” “konbanwa,” “sayounara” were the only phrases I could catch coming from her. Anything else she said I didn’t catch, either because my Japanese sucked or because I was too stunned to react.

More than how embarrassed I felt, was how hilarious I was starting to find this whole encounter. I wanted to crack up so badly inside, but I decided to keep my cool and play this game to the very end. So, I continued my pretense and said,

“sumimasen. shitsurei shimasu.”

And with that I slowly closed the door, but in my heart I couldn’t close that door fast enough.

So that was it.

In after thought, I don’t regret what I did. In fact, I find it quite exhilarating and liberating. Now that I’ve taken the first step out, maybe I will find it easier to take the second step at the Japanese store.

Oh, by the way, if you’re that Jehovah Witness girl and reading this, please come again. We’ll talk more. 😀


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11 Responses to An Encounter with a Jehovah Witness

  1. Ginger says:

    As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, may I say I found your story pretty funny! And the next time ANY of Jehovah’s Witnesses come to your door, I hope you do take a little time to talk to them…in English…you may be pleasantly surprised. :0)

  2. bakaneko says:

    Yes, I’m hoping she would come again too. 🙂

  3. El Mex says:

    Lol classic. Btw :3 what were you doing on Lolitron? :O

  4. bakaneko says:

    Are you kidding me? I love lolitron! ❤

  5. Jfo says:

    omg you’re hilarious, I would have freaked out!! I never open the door for them…I had one chase me down once on campus, and gave them a REALLY difficult time. I give them props for trying so hard though haha

  6. RICE says:

    As what Ginger said Many people think that JW are annoying and can’t partake on anything ,well this is what happens
    For the most part sometimes the people they encounter with are the extremists kinds,
    What are the xrtemist kinds: the ones who keep talking even if you say not interested,the ones who go as far as a atitiude or putting a foot in your door as one person said happened once,and some don’t watch certain things.As for example one person said that a JW said that anime was from the devil.Now this was probably from a extremist but really that isn’t part of the religon.

    As by being one myself I watch anime,I do fanart,go to anime cons,read comic books go to comic cons,have a DA account,have a youtube account.I’m also really a big anime fan,so if I would tell this to you because of past experiences maybe you would never think that I was a JW,but thats not true, In fact there are many things we can do that everyone does the only major thing we can’t do is do drugs basically or become achoholics and things revolving around romance,addictions & dressing has to be watched which many people who aren’t JWs do as well.

    Anyways as for anime being from the devil I’ve never heard that in my life of being a JW and lots of my friends love anime as well, and they are JW as well even some of my friends aren’t JW, but are descent ones(so that practically throws away the myth that we can’t talk to noone who isn’t a JW.The only anime that had to be controled a bit was Pokemon because at the time it was being used for gambling, but still we can now see it otherwise.

    So anyways yes there might be extremist out there who say certain things, but really as you can see it’s just some that go a little too far with it, but that has nothing to do with how all of us JWs or our religon in actuality 🙂

    If in anycase anyone wants more info on any ? you might have just write back.:)

  7. bakaneko says:

    That’s news to me. I had a classmate who was a JW and he did everything we did. 🙂

    But reading your post, I sense defensiveness. No one needs to justify what they believe in, unless of course you’re really just starting to have doubts…

    On a different note, I’m still waiting for the girl to show up at my door again. 🙂

  8. RICE says:

    Oh No I wasn’t defensive at all I was just stating that many people run and think we don’t do anything normal but in fact JW is a normal religon as anything else lol Sorry if you misunderstood me or if I sounded rude.,lol I’m a blabbing type that types lol for anything lol Anyways yeah it would be cool for you to bump into her again. It would be funny if I were that girl because I speak Jap too lol but I’m not

    .But your story was hilarous lol It’s happened to me once when I was shopping I was speaking jap to my friend and I had no idea the guy next to us knew Jap as well lol You never know what langauage a person could know lol

  9. Hinano says:

    LOOOL this is hilarious xD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There’s a jehova witness building in Brooklyn DUMBO area. I used to pass it on the train to work every day O_O; Scary stuff.

  10. middleman777 says:

    Rice wrote “in fact JW is a normal religon as anything else”.

    I’m not sure how to define normal hehe.

    Take care…….

  11. tai says:

    hahaha brilliant~! I never thought of doing that before. Usually I just don’t answer the door for anyone I don’t know…

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