True Tears – 11: Men Always Pine After the Women They Don’t Have.

What was actually on his mind when Shin’ichiro’s was supposedly on a date with Hiromi.
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Remember back in episode 7, Shin’ichiro seemed to have to convince himself that since he would had no chance with Hiromi that he should move on and go with Noe instead. To me, that has always seemed like someone settling for the second best. His dates with Noe felt more like, “why not give this a try” than like, “I just hit jackpot!” It was obvious that at the time Shin’ichiro had always considered that Hiromi > Noe.

Now move forward to episode 11, the situation seems to have reversed. On his date with Hiromi on the beach, he was mostly occupied with thoughts of Noe. This seems strange to me since he had never shown this much interest in Noe previously. I mean, he might have found her hot during the first time he peeked up her skirt saw her on the tree, but that thought didn’t seem to have stuck in his head. So why the sudden change of heart?

Well, I propose …

Conjecture 1: Men always pine after the women they don’t have.

Before episode 10, it was not Noe that was out of his reach; it was Hiromi instead. At that time, Noe had always doted upon Shin’ichiro in her strange ways, and he quickly picked it up that she liked him very much. On the other hand, Hiromi was remote and hard-to-get toward Shin’ichiro. So, Hiromi was the woman he didn’t have at the time.

Now at episode 11, the situation has reversed. Noe is the one who has distanced away from him. On the other hand, right in the room alone with him is Hiromi. Hiromi is no longer hard-to-get; in fact, she raped kissed him in broad daylight! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get those ultra-conservative Japanese girls to initiate a deep kiss to a guy in public? So, right now, it is Noe who is remote and hard-to-get toward Shin’ichiro instead. Noe has become the woman he doesn’t have.

And so, Noe is the woman in his heart now. Men are such scum… :p

Noe’s Imagination of True Heart malfunctioning.


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2 Responses to True Tears – 11: Men Always Pine After the Women They Don’t Have.

  1. Shin says:


  2. bakaneko says:

    If Noe=Jibetta, then I fear for the foreshadowing of the ending of “Raigomaru to Jibetta no monogatari.”

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