Bleach (manga) – 314: So begins the Karakura arc…

Damn! Even our backs are sexy.

I haven’t felt this excited about Bleach for a long time. Finally, the little kids are benched on the sideline, and the real men are stepping in to show how the real game is played.

In a way that would make Sun Tzu proud, Aizen had all along planned to use Orihime not for her phenomena rejection power but rather to provide a smoke screen to hide his actual strategy:

Divide and conquer.

The prisoners of Hueco Mundo.

His plan was simple. By kidnapping Orihime to Hueco Mundo, he hope to

  1. unsettle Soul Society to increase its own defenses, thus retreating its forces away from the town of Karakura, and to
  2. lure Ichigo and co. and some of the Shinigami Captains to Hueco Mundo in order to trap them there indefinitely.

He can then expect to take them out separately: first the town Karakura with little to no resistance, then Soul Society with less than half of its forces remaining, and eventually Ichigo and co. and the rest of the captains already hampered in their wounds.

Well, at least that was what Aizen had hope.

Group photo everyone! butter…butter…butter… 😀

As it turns out, the Gotei 13 had decided to concentrate all of its forces in Karakura instead.


With this setup, this new arc is going to be exciting! Many of the captains who had not really fought before should get to showcase their bankai’s this round. This includes the former captains Urahara and Yoruichi. Throw into the mix the X factors Ichigo’s and Ishida’s dads, and you get a plethora of upcoming ultra-crazy-reiatsu match-ups.

Of course Aizen will be stopped from slaughtering Karakura. However, just as when he was able to extract the Hougyoku from Rukia without killing her, this time he will somehow be able to obtain the Ouken without killing everyone. Yes, the end result will be predictable, but it’s how it’s going to get there that will make Bleach exciting again.


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