True Tears – 10: Speaking the Truth

The face of an angel.

In my previous post on True Tears, I wrote about how everyone was pretending feelings that were not true to themselves. However, in this episode, (almost) everyone took a 180 turn.

They all acted true to their character, with the exception of Jun.

So finally, Aiko told Nobuse that they can never be. After an initial brief period of denial, Nobuse accepted what he had knew but repressed all along. In a heartbreaking moment, he asked Noe to curse him to never love anyone, giving himself the peace to accept the breakup and to let Aiko free.

After being released by Nobuse, she went on to release herself from Shin’ichiro. It was quite funny to see her blurbing out to Noe that she had a crush on him.

What happens to you when you take one truth serum too many.

Hiromi also came to accept her vulnerable self that was buried under her ice-cold demeanor. She broke it out to Jun that she wanted to stop pretending their fake relationship so that she can move on to discovering her true feelings. This is not an easy thing to do, especially hard for someone who had lost all her family and had been left all alone in this world.

As another step to discovering her true feelings, she told Shin’ichiro the truth that she did remember her childhood event at the woods with him and that her angst toward him had been due to her expectation of him rescuing her from her loneliness. But just as with Jun, she decided to leave the Nakagami household in order to discover herself. Hiromi had certainly grown in maturity by leaps and bounds over just two episodes.

True Tears?

Shin’ichiro finally decided to be a man and do everything properly. His chasing of Hiromi on his bike and crashing were both expected, but I did not expect Hiromi to reciprocate his sudden pursuit so readily. However, when she did, she let it all out — and with tears. For the first time in the show, she had completely broken down her walls and came out with full unrestrained emotions.

Quite touching.

At this point of the show, only Jun is still harboring his feelings. While I’m not routing for Koi Kaze here, the message of the show is leading me to expect him to confess to Noe. Everybody has so far. No more secret. Even Shin’ichiro’s dad had finally for the first time in the show a heart-to-heart talk with Hiromi.

But things will get more complicated than just between Jun and Noe. The last scene briefly cuts first to Aiko and then to Noe looking at her grandmother — an allusion to the true tears she seeks to regain. Furthermore, the preview for the next episode seems to indicate that there is more to the Noe X Shin’ichiro story yet.

So, after 10 episodes, there are few hindrances left. Almost everybody’s feelings are let loose and fully expressed at full speed. The final lap toward true tears begins…

There are two errors in Shin’ichiro’s note. Can you spot them?


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4 Responses to True Tears – 10: Speaking the Truth

  1. blissmo says:

    Oh gawd, I hate that type of maths. I prefer algrebra and others, but not that … please no … Shinichirou and Noe should be together but I’m guessing it’s gonna be a ShinxHiromi ending

  2. bakaneko says:

    Don’t worry. There is still hope for a NoexShin ending for two reasons. First, in lots of anime, the girl who has the guy a couple of episodes before the last episode usually ends up not having the guy. Second, the preview for the next episode has Hiromi saying, “I am not the one you truly love.”

    Personally, I am rooting for a NoexShin ending.

  3. blissmo says:

    She could be saying it to Siscon Jun

  4. bakaneko says:

    Yup. You’re right. Just saw ep. 11. She said that to Jun.

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