Mai Otome 0 S.ifr – 01: The Lofty Crimson Jade

The new GEM in Mai Otome 0 S.ifr

It’s no doubt that Rena’s robe of The Lofty Crimson Jade is the main feature of episode 1 of this prequel to the popular series Mai Otome. No other robe in any of the Mai Otome series so far comes remotely close to it. I counted at least 7 different techniques she used in this episode.


Disclaimer: Except for the last one, the names of these techniques are not their official names.

#0. The Stare Down


Ok, technically this is not a weapon. But this scene has done well in ushering in the awesomeness that follows.

#1. Tail Whip

Did you see this coming?

This is a plain vanilla technique that is also seen in other robes too, but on this robe its speed seems to have been supersized.

#2. Particle Block

Water > fire.
sw2.png sw2a.png

Rena’s boots are probably sending out nano-machines that can manipulate free-flowing particles like water molecules and control them into various formations like the wall that she created here to neutralize the fire attack.

#3. Lasers — Residential Evil Style

I stole this from Strike Freedom.
sw3.png sw5.png
sl1.png sl2.png

She shoots these lasers from her wrists, and they form a net that not even dozens of missiles can fly through. Awesome.

#4. Nano-machine Armor

That’s not big enough to penetrate me.
sw4.png sw4a.png

It seems that physical attacks cannot harm her robe. In fact, the protection of her robe seems to extend to her entire body, even the parts of her that is not explicitly covered by her robe. This is evident when she took a bullet in the head from John Smith but yet came out unharmed.

Headshot, no problem; but nano-machines attack, that’s a different story.
sheadshot.png spenetrated.png

However, we do see that the other otome, code-named M9, is able to penetrate Rena’s robe after all. I’m guessing this has to do with the nano-machines that M9 also carries. So, while traditional (non nano-technology) physical attacks have no effect on Rena’s robe; nano-machines, on the other hand, have no trouble against it at all.

#5. Phantom Mode

I’m a quantum particle: 50% of the time I’m here, the other 50% there.
sw6.png sw6a.png
fw6b.png sw6c.png

This is the move where John Smith remarks that the Monster of Windbloom is about to get serious. In this mode, her physical appearance fades, and the otome M9 seems to be striking air instead of striking her. Also, she seems to be capable of splitting into two images of her, both capable of landing hits.

#6. Cross Bow

Not even Gundams have this one.
sw7.png w7a.png
w7b.png sw7c.png
sw8.png sw8a.png

Simple but potent.

#7. Higher Order Matter Attack

Exactly what is she trying to compensate for?

This one actually has an official name. M9 calls it Higher Order Matter Attack and it cannot be dodged.

M9’s Counterattack doesn’t look too shabby either.

Let’s rock!
sw9a.png sw9b.png

Err… I was hoping for a more spectacular explosion.

The Aftermath

You can really tell that the GEM is overloaded: It’s started to corrupt its text data segment.
sengrish.png sgem-broken.png

Well, too bad that was the last of that GEM. Rena has overloded [sic] and broken it. Objectively speaking, the red GEM Lofty Crimson Jade is certainly more powerful than the blue GEM Sapphire of Azure Sky. However, Rena’s peaceful nature has not allowed her to use, or perhaps to even control, such overwhelming power of the red GEM. So, from this perspective, it could be said that Rena may actually increase her effectiveness when she switches over to a less powerful GEM.

Of course, I am only playing down the power of the blue GEM because of how Arika has used it in the other series. It is almost certain that she has not used it to its full potential yet. Perhaps in this series Rena will show us that the blue GEM can be even more powerful than the red GEM, in which case, it would be most awesome.


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5 Responses to Mai Otome 0 S.ifr – 01: The Lofty Crimson Jade

  1. grace says:

    it’s so interesting how powerful this gem is…hm–wasn’t the ultimate black diamond supposed to be the strongest (hence the “ultimate”)? i guess it also depends on who’s using it…nina and arika were both rubies when they got their robes, so maybe that’s why their performance weren’t as impressive as it could have been. great review!!

  2. grace says:

    errr…i meant corals. :XX

  3. bakaneko says:

    I don’t remember if the Ultimate Black diamond GEM was the strongest or not, but it is the opposite of the otome founder Fumi’s GEM of Pure White Diamond. Rather or not that means it’s also strongest (two strongest?) I don’t know, but we do know that Nina only used the robe’s final form (all black with bat-like wings) for a few seconds only in the last episode of the main Mai Otome series. So, most likely she never got to display all its powers then.

  4. Souledgar says:

    The Azure Sky Sapphire is infinitely the stronger GEM, as can be revealed if you watch the other 2 0.Sifr~ episodes. the power displayed in this episode does not come from the GEM, but in fact Lena herself. Her many skills when using the Lofty Crimson Jade come from her prowess at manipulating the robe and its powers. In fact, she pumped so much power into the robe that the GEM broke.

    Arika, while strong herself, pales in comparison to her mother… who can probably defeat the possessed Nina before she could expand even react. Arika’s use of the Azure Sky falls far below its full potential as a Super Meister GEM…

  5. bakaneko says:

    Spot on, Souledgar. I watched the rest of the short series too, and yes, the Azure Sky Sapphire was indeed awesome. Very fitting for Lena and her power-overload.

    And yea, too bad Arika couldn’t fill her mom’s shoe. Not even by a long shot.

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